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Propolis Flavonoid Capsules Natural Antioxidant Supplements 1000Mg Bee Well with Royal Jelly Organic Bee Farm Beauty Health Food

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  • Description

    [Good product, it will be more expensive] There are many cheap lung clearing and detoxification products on the platform, but are they safe? Is the quality reliable? Good quality product, the price will be a bit expensive, but worth it!

    [ Safety and Quality Certification ]

    Our products are certified by CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration), non-GMO, no side effects and no dependence, safe and safe to eat

    [ Product ] Propolis Soft Capsule

    [ Specification ]

    60 capsules/bottle


    [ apply to ]

    It is suitable for lung clearing and detoxification, frequent smokers, cough, asthma, chest tightness, shortness of breath, people living in smog areas, people who often inhale dust, etc.

    [ Raw material ] Propolis

    [ Purchase Advice ]

    Lung detox phase 1: 2 bottles (120 capsules) – 2 months, the best effect, the cheapest price, 90% of people choose, recommended to buy

    [The role of propolis] Propolis can clear the lungs and detoxify. Eliminate cough and mucus while improving immunity

    [Symbol ingredients and content] per 100g: total flavonoids 5g

    [production date] all production dates are fresh dates, and the shelf life is 2 years. We will never sell expired products, please rest assured to buy!

    [Free shipping] We will protect your privacy, and no sensitive product information will be displayed on the courier box, please rest assured to buy

    [how to eat]

    2 times a day, 1 capsule each time, orally

    【Storage method】Sealed and kept in a dry place

    【Contraindications】Children, pregnant women, lactating women

    【After-sales service problem】

    1. Replacement of product packaging

    Due to the large global sales volume, the packaging changes frequently. But we guarantee that the products we sell are 100% authentic, and you can buy and use them with confidence.

    2. About capsule softening, adhesion, etc.

    Our capsule products are made with gelatin as the capsule material. Due to the properties of gelatin or the weather during transportation, capsule softening and sticking may occur, but the product quality will not be affected. The product can be opened, put it in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator, take it out after 1-2 days, cover it, and shake it to separate the capsules.

    3. How long will it take to see results?

    Because everyone’s body is different, everyone’s effect will be different. Moreover, the human body needs a certain metabolic cycle, and it needs to insist on eating, and at the same time develop healthy living habits, so as to improve health problems.

    [ dear friends ]

    1. Please allow slight size errors due to manual measurement.

    2. Due to different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

    3. If you are satisfied with our products and services, please give us a positive feedback with a 5-star rating, it is very important to us. We would appreciate it if you could leave your true feelings here.

    4. If you are not satisfied with the item or our service, please contact us before leaving any feedback, we will solve the problem immediately, thank you!

    5. I wish you a speedy recovery, my friend!

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