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Hot Outdoors Portable 0.125W/1W 5V Mini Solar Panel Charger Polycrystalline DIY Battery Cells Charger Module for Phones

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    Color: As Picture   
    Material: Polysilicon   
    Maximum power: 0.125W/1W   
    Operating voltage: 5V   

    Features: Portable, small, lightweight, durable, good quality

    Application scope:    Outdoor travel, mobile phone, tablet, USB electronic interface   
    1. High conversion rate, high efficiency output   
    2. Excellent low light effect   
    3. High light quality and high quality tempered glass   
    4. Unique process makes the components beautiful and strong anti-snow, easy to use.   
    5. Unique technology to avoid water, freezing and deformation within the framework   
    Product Size: 11*6*0.25cm/9*3*0.3cm/4.5*2.5cm/14.5*8.9*0.2cm/8*5.5*0.25cm/5.2*2.9*0.3cm   

    100% New and good quality.   
    Made of high efficiency Monocrystalline silicon cells, the conversion rate is high.   
    Small attenuation, good reliability and long service life.   
    The use of high-quality plastic frame, high strength, to ensure a higher degree of wind resistance and riot performance.   
    It can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh weather conditions.   

    Packing list:   
    1 X Solar panels          












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