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Green Food Very Good for Liver and Slimming Tea 2020 High Quality 20 Bags Chinese Health Care Liver Tea Chinese Hangover Tea


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    High Quality 20 Bags Chinese Health Care Liver tea 

    ——6g/ bag  20 bags total tea net weight 120g

    Brand : Min Ran Yun Tea


    Varieties of tea:Liver tea 


    Production Date: 2020


    otal Weight: 6g*20 bags of tea gift box 10g = 130g  


    Storage Time: 18 months


    Storage: dry, refrigerated


    Quantity: 20 packs and 1 elegant metal gift box

    Product ingredients:

    1. Jasmine   2 .Corsvenor Momordica Fruit   3.Coralhead Plant Seed 4.Mussaenda pubescens Ait. f.  5.Twig and leaf of Bignose Rhinacanthus


    This product using a variety of natural plant “fairy sweet vine, vine leaves Acacia, crane fungus grass, Chrysanthemum flowers, Mangosteen Flower, Jasmine,” as the main raw material, such as a dozen secret flavor with natural plant components. In simple simplicity of preparation, combined with the extraction process technology, through the cyclone barrel dry cleaning, vacuuming, filter selection far infrared lamps and electronic temperature control, sterilization, disinfection and other processes Seiko secret from the system. Matching process in the production of active ingredients strict temperature control of their plants. By screening dry cleaning, vacuuming grit removal, disinfection fixing, concentration and purification, penetration rolled, hot and cold temperature and other processes were made Seiko secret.




    its taste glycol fragrance, taste sweet; thirst. There are refreshing effect! Ideal for use with focus on health, routine care groups, chronic alcohol, tobacco transition 


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